The Sun Bingo

The Sun Bingo

Deposit £10 & get £30 to play with!

Play Bingo with the sun and win big!

Win big with The Sun Bingo!

With jackpots of over 250,000 GBP with The Sun, they offer a 300% deposit bonus if you play bingo at The Sun bingo!

Signing up is easy. Simply visit the site here and sign up today. With free and real money games to play and large prizes, you can win big with The Sun!

Playing bingo with The Sun is simple. As soon as a number is called, mark it off on your online bingo card, you can win with a full line of numbers and/or a full house (a full collection of numbers called and crossed out on your card).

The Sun have big big jackpots that you can win 24/7. If you require assistance at any stage they have a 24 hours help team that can answer any questions you may have regarding the game or any issues with your account.

The Sun's site impresses from the moment you go there. The Sun Bingo Lobby has a unique feel to it with a simple and uncluttered layout that brings your attention to the key areas - initially it's hard to miss the massive promotion being offered and the "Join Now" button!

The Sun Bingo site is meant to be the largest bingo site in the UK at the moment and we can see why. This has fast become one of our favourite places to play mainly because of the great community, simplicity of use, variety of games on offer and great sun bingo promotional codes.

Signing up to The Sun involves a really simple 3 stage process:

1. Enter your personal details - this only take a couple of minutes
2. Enter your credit/debit card details
3. Make a deposit

They offer free bingo every days as well if you don't fancy buying any tickets. Not only that but there is a great selection of mini games to play as well as session bingo, all of which can easily be accessed through the Sun Bingo lobby.

The Sun Bingo have been excellent at providing incentives and promotion codes to new players but also to keep people playing. Every month they have new incentives and constantly keep their members informed. For example, at the time of writing this, The Sun Bingo are giving away a Fiat 500 with their Session Bingo games. also have some big brand games that play on their site such as Deal Or No Deal bingo. They also support charities such as Help For Heroes.

One nice feature that is quite prominent on their site (other bingo sites do this but don't promote it to visibly) is their refer a friend scheme. If you sign up to be a member of Sun Bingo and refer a friend, they will give both you and your friend a £10 bonus each!

So, onto the game play itself... well, we couldn't find it easier. Like the site design everything is simple and uncluttered. Buying tickets is simple as is choosing a game to join - basically you pick one of the three rooms from the five different clubs in the lobby. This gives you a total of 15 chatrooms and 5 prize pools to play in. Once you've purchased your tickets, the game will go into auto play (after a brief count down) and ticket sorting and auto dabbing are standard. You can select to focus on one strip if you wish however.

The chat community is thriving, as you would expect from the UKs largest bingo site. A nice touch is how they have divided the chat rooms up so that there aren't hundreds of people at any one time chatting away.

Bingo is one of the most popular forms of online gambling for individuals in the UK for it's simplicity and pace. There are some great slot games as well at the Sun Bingo online. Sign up now with a name you can trust, THE SUN BINGO!