Joy Mystery Fool Games

Yes, April Fool’s Day is fast approaching again and at Tasty Bingo all the fun begins - The Joy Mystery Fool Games will be played. This will kick of at 7pm every hour on Friday the 1st April on the four top sites of ‘Joy of Bingo group’ - Wink Bingo, Tasty Bingo, Red Bus Bingo and Posh Bingo.

There will be a mystery bingo jackpot under this new promotion at each site. When each game has been won only then will the mystery bingo jackpot be divulged by the bingo ‘question mark’ design.

The next game will be presented by RedBus Bingo where the second game will commence at 8pm. These will be penny bingo games and performed with a maximum of 96 cards. At Posh Bingo and Wink Bingo two remaining games at 10pm with cards priced at 2p can be played. At the Joy Special Rooms cards can be bought in advance, under the Joy tab where admission can be aquired at these bingo sites.

On the 29th April at 10pm Joy of Bingo’s year long immense promotion will draw to an end, bringing to participants one last chance to win the `Joy Pot’ worth £25,000. Players can earn free cards or pre-buy cards at £5 each from the top four bingo localities to play this final game at Wink Bingo. Should there be an unclaimed prize from the last Joy Pot it will go to April’s winner and will be doubled to a massive £50,000!

Redbus Bingo Tasty Bingo Posh Bingo Wink Bingo

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